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  "50 percent of time in business is wasted because of lack of trust"

                                                                                                          ~ John Whitney

Org Development - Frog position

How do you boil a frog?



the frog jumps out!

What does this have to do with your organization?

The ability to adapt

Adaptation helps us survive, but is not always healthy!  Sad to say, what happens when you boil a frog, (PLEASE DON’T!) as the water temperature increases, the frog’s skin adjusts.  Before it is too late, the frog’s ability to adjust has actually allowed him to remain in the boiling water and ultimately meet his demise.  A similar thing can happen to us at work as we ‘adjust’ to the changes around us while they are actually killing us…

How does this translate in the workplace?

  • Stress is an inevitable by-product of people working together

  • With time, stress levels slowly increase

  • Increased stress leads to people adapting in increasingly dysfunctional ways

  • Denial, avoidance, withdrawal, resentment, blame, shame, guilt, reactivity, criticism, creating crisis, micro-management, power-struggle, and miscommunication are common stress adapters

  • The more dysfunctional the coping behaviors become, the less transparent, collaborative, communicative, innovative, and motivated those inside the organization become

  • Regardless of the level of the organization, people may not be able to put their fingers on the pulse of what's actually happening, and yet will continue to adapt in subconsciously dysfunctional ways to their environment. In a very real sense, they become stuck

It takes energy to remain stuck

8 organizational myths that drive this process


  1. Leadership, management, and employees leave their emotional baggage at the front door

  2. Inside the workplace, trust building comes second nature to the workforce

  3. People are great at effectively managing stress

  4. People are adept at giving open, honest, and constructive feedback to each other

  5. People have no problem in identifying and embracing their own and each other's strengths and weaknesses

  6. Conflict resolution comes second nature to most people

  7. Left to their own devices, people actively create positive change, growth, and transformation

  8. People in leadership positions arrived there because of being great at leading and developing others, rather than by great at doing

A healthy dose of reality

  • Workplace stress is inevitable - managing it effectively is not

  • Mismanagement of stress creates a drag on the business and everyone inside it

  • People expend increasing amounts of energy adapting to the stress rather than resolving the root cause
  • This becomes a catch-22, and without intervention, grows exponentially and continues indefinitely 
  • ALL of the energy expended in adapting to the stress detracts from business growth and development. Survive rather than thrive becomes the norm

How might this be playing out in your organization?

  • Who are the people, teams, managers, and leaders who might be creating the most stress - and working against - rather than with each other?

  • Who are the people, teams, managers, and leaders who are working against themselves?

  • Where are the unresolved conflicts and how are they impacting the flow of information, ideas, and energy within the business?

  • What are the events, situations, changes, and transitions that cause things to heat up the most for the people inside the business?

  • What are the events, situations, and transitions that create the most stress for leadership?

  • Who are the clients and customers outside the organization that create the most stress for those inside the business?

It requires getting real to become unstuck

It takes getting real to become unstuck

As simple as that sounds, it's not an easy thing to do.


Getting real requires being open to the good, the bad, and the ugly, embracing what's true in all of it, recognizing the opportunities for growth, change, and transformation, and then doing something constructive about it.

How we can help


We help make it real by bringing a unique set of skills, strengths, experiences, and perspectives to the table that both invite and encourage people to get real. This includes building a framework of trust, open-mindedness, and opportunity, and using this framework to harness and leverage all of what’s brought to the table towards growing your business and the people inside it.


Our services include:

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